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News - 28.04.2022

Posted by adam.mcelligott

News - 28.04.2022

360 Development Feedback: Reimagined For The Modern World

Our Tandem 360 Development Feedback

By Liz O’Hara, Product Manager, Our Tandem.

I think I might have had a confused look on my face when my Leader Julian Perez Alzueta said to me on my first week of joining Our Tandem “have you seen our 360 product yet?  I think you’ll like it!” 360 and like….. in the same sentence?  Surely not!

Many years ago I had been ‘lucky’ enough to have the privilege of participating in a 360 development feedback process, which (due to how expensive it was to run these sessions) were normally only given to senior leadership teams.  However, as I was a in a learning and development role at the time, I was able to participate myself.

The old process was not without fault! From selecting people to participate in the survey and not knowing if they had responded for you to gain insights, made the process incredibly veiled.  As the process was usually managed by a third party with consultants trained to provide guidance, a meeting had to be scheduled with the consultant and I remember the consultant had cancelled on me 3 times due to summertime date clashes. It ended up being 3 months from the start of the survey to receiving my actual report. I also remember the meeting itself with the consultant feeling very intimidating. I had 5 minutes to read the report before the consultant provided insights on me (without actually knowing me) and then in the meeting having to create a development plan. It had all felt very hurried in the one-hour timeslot.  It was quite a lot of information to digest, and I am one of those people who likes to reflect and action plan my development options later. No wonder people had moved away from 360 development.

Then I came to Our Tandem and spent some time viewing our 360-development feedback product. 360 had been reimagined and democratised so that participation in the process could include everyone in the company. This was no longer a development tool aimed at senior leaders, as now it could include everyone. There were no third-party consultants needed to interpret the findings either. The reporting information is system aggregated and available in Our Tandem, which can be viewed on desktop, on your mobile or downloaded in advance of a development planning session. I love how interactive our online report is so that you can really deep dive on specific items. Best of all, leaders and employees have access to the same report, so there is no misinterpretation of the results. Talent Partners can also have access to the information, we have very flexible configuration and confidentiality options to suit different customer needs.

What truly opened my eyes though was some of the amazing features available. Such as the ability to identify blind spots and hidden strength, who doesn’t want to know this information?  In fact, I would go as far as saying how can you have a development plan without knowing these? The ability to undertake the same 360 development survey the following year and see if you have managed to move the dial on those blind spots using development interventions is really insightful, not only to the employee but to the leader and Talent Partners as well. When I was in learning and development, a question that was always asked of us was ‘are the interventions working?’ and now the 360-feedback tool can really provide organisational insights on this.

Ever wondered how you are perceived by your leader, peers or stakeholders? The value profile will provide you with these insights. Understanding the different perspective of how you come across or live your company values is so helpful for starting the process of facilitating change.

The heat scores are a handy way to view scoring information for the different rater groups. We have also noticed some really interesting diversity trends in this area also, where females will score themselves lower than their male counterparts. As an organisation you can start to dive-in to the data and truly measure how your interventions might be impacting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our report also has a really nice layout for reviewing feedback comments. These comments are very focused and specific to the individual and goes further than just peer or stakeholder appreciation.  It’s constructive, to help you grow and be your best self.

Julian was wrong! I don’t like Tandem 360 – I LOVE it!  Words I thought I would never hear myself saying in the same sentence.  It’s now become one of my favourite product features.  Its DEMOCRATISED and REIMAGINED, I think you’ll LOVE it too.

Tandem 360 can also be purchased independently of other modules too. If this is something you are interested in, contact our VP of Sales & Marketing Sadhbh Carson on sadhbh@ourtandem.com for more information.

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