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News - 11.08.2020

Posted by Seth Keil

News - 11.08.2020

4 Core Pillars of High Performance Organisations

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We recently hosted a series of conversations with leaders in the fields of employee experience, performance management and HR to discuss the impact of the most significant changes in work practices in over a century. We compiled the highlights, tips and tricks, frameworks and inspirational thoughts from the world’s foremost thought leaders in HR.

Angel Hoover, Managing Director at Willis Towers Watson shared insights from Willis Towers Watson research on high performance team culture & organisations:

“The chart that you see here is based on some research that we have been doing for several years. It’s feedback from millions of employees globally. This is called our High Performance Employee Experience Index. This is something that we released at the end of 2019. And, you know, people like Josh Bersin have picked this up and said this is an amazing way for us to think about how to identify and then begin to address the specific factors of the Employee Experience. The way to think about this is that we’d love to be good at all of these things. But really, there are four core pillars of Employee Experience that you see along the very bottom of this slide that I think are the best and first anchor points to consider. They’re Purpose, Work, Reward and People. So you see that in the gray boxes along the bottom of the slide. And then, as you move up the grid, if you look along the left hand side of the slide, you see the words Essentials, Emphasis and Excellence. The Essentials are the aspects of the workplace that provide little differentiation for performance across companies but are really important to get right. I need to be able to have an organizational operating model that helps me get work done and doesn’t get in my way. Those are the kinds of things to think about there. The middle row is where high performance companies place additional emphasis, and they begin to break away from the global average of Employee Engagement. These topics are really important right now and where we see a lot of differentiating activity around personal agency. There’s Inclusiveness, making sure people are feeling included are part of the community, which is incredibly important right now as people are working in isolated home offices, so they can use their voice to speak up and can drive new ideas and able and develop abilities to advance their skills. The last area that you see here, on the very top, this is where high performance companies create a differentiated experience through what we call the hallmarks of excellence. First, they inspire connection to mission and purpose. Next, they create a sense of drive through strong customer focus and market agility. Finally they provide growth opportunities to fulfil employees’ ambition, and engender deep trust in senior leadership effectiveness.”

Download your copy of The Resilience Toolkit: https://hr.ourtandem.com/resilience-toolkit

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