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News - 17.11.2022

Posted by adam.mcelligott

News - 17.11.2022

4 Ways Effective Performance Management Can Benefit Your Employees

4 Ways Employees Can Benefit from Effective Performance Management

Developing an effective performance management strategy that your people will love depends on several key factors such as clear communication, coaching and goal setting. During a time when isolation and remote working are ever-present, employees need all the above (and more) to effectively manage their work.

Therefore, to see an increase in employee performance, organisations must help employees meet the ever-changing needs of the business, organise their work with colleagues and take accountability for results. This is where performance management comes in!

Start as you mean to go on by developing a clear performance management strategy that not only drives business results, but also enables your people to be successful and grow within your organisation with these four employee benefits listed below.

  1. Improved Coaching

Coaching is a crucial element in the performance management journey for both leaders and employees. It can help identify what an employee’s strengths and weaknesses are. From here, managers can use their coaching skills to address the developmental needs of their team and help them to gain the necessary skills to successfully move forward. When using Our Tandem, you will have access to a personalised coaching dashboard.  This will include all insights in one place so everyone can own their growth and development.


  1. Allows Greater Autonomy

Clear communication is the key to effective management. This allows managers to highlight areas that may need to be improved upon to their team, or areas they may excel in. In turn, this allows employees to have greater freedom to drive their performance. For example, when using Our Tandem, an employee can give feedback, set a check-in, upload a goal, and more. Any day of the week, any time of the year, from any device.


  1. Creates a Sense of Purpose

It’s important to give your people purpose when they work. This enables employee to attach their goals to a strategic driver. Remember, when your people are working with purpose, it drives productivity.


  1. Regular Check-Ins

Trust is built and nurtured between managers and employees when there is frequent conversations and check-ins that highlights where progress can be made and addresses any issues that may arise swiftly. For example, with Our Tandem, 1 in 5 check-ins are created by employees and 50% of that feedback given is peer to peer. This brings work between peers and other stakeholders to life. With most work being done with peers, rather than directly with your manager, the lens by which the employee considers multiple perspectives.


Do you want to join some of the world’s best performing companies in availing of a HR platform that not only improves performance and engagement but also empowers your employees? If so, book a free demo with one of our performance management experts today to see how Our Tandem can benefit your team and transform your performance management.


Looking to improve how you manage performance? Book a meeting here with a member of the Our Tandem team to see how our end-to-end HR solution can help you transform your company culture with quick results from day one.



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