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News - 01.06.2022

Posted by adam.mcelligott

News - 01.06.2022

4 Ways Managers Can Build Their Coaching Capabilities

4 Ways Managers Can Build Their Coaching Capabilities

At Our Tandem, we believe manager coaching is crucial to the success delivering a fulfilling employee experience. We see the platform as being a ‘coach in your pocket’. Providing managers with helpful discussion points for check-ins and feedback reminders. Give your managers the information, support, and tools they need to successfully implement positive changes in your workplace. This helps managers determine the best course of action and support the sustainment of positive habits.

It’s vital that you get everyone on the same page when it comes to management, with a means to making sure managers are aligned with new approaches. You need to easily communicate the reasons behind introducing a new way of doing things – so that they truly believe in the benefits. Help managers have a clearer understanding of new workplace cultures and how a new culture can be achieved. 

1. Nudging

In a time poor world, we can’t hope that managers do the right thing and coach and develop their people, we have to construct a world where they are triggered to do it. This is where nudging can be a real asset, triggering your leaders into actions and behaviours that will support the experience. There possibly isn’t a person left in the western world who isn’t nudged through social media to take an action on an app or check out their latest news or profile. Nudging has become part of our everyday and has changed the world’s behaviour in the last 10 years. It’s time we used it for good.

2. Coaching Guidance

Active listening is at the centre of a good coaching experience, using focused questions and discussion points to navigate the employee to recognise their own strengths and development gaps. Expertly crafted responses and discussion tips lead to more frequent, focused, and constructive conversations.

3. Intuitive Coaching Dashboards

What’s interesting about feedback and coaching and the benefits of it is not always the individual pieces of feedback that can make us feel good or stop us in our tracks and make us rethink our behaviours or ways of working, but it’s the pattern. What is consistently being said to me that I need to reflect on. In order to form patterns, you need crowdsourced feedback, not just feedback coming from one source. We use coaching dashboards to tell this story to employees and managers about what patterns are forming around them that should help them reflect.

4. Encourage

We know how busy a manager’s day is, so a small nudge can help the manager ensure consistency of feedback, which helps them foster a culture of growth and learning within their team.

If you’d like to find out more about how our approach can help develop your coaching capabilities within your organisation you can get in touch here.

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