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News - 13.06.2022

Posted by adam.mcelligott

News - 13.06.2022

5 Questions to Ask About Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

5 Questions to Ask About Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

It is more important than ever for employers to create meaningful change, particularly with marginalised groups or those who are underrepresented within the workplace. This ensures that your people feel heard and can contribute to the workplace in a meaningful and positive way. That is why we have listed the top five questions every company should ask when examining their diversity and inclusion strategy.

  1. Have females received the same amount of feedback and check ins as their male peers?

  2. Is there the same level of ambition in development goals across peers from differing diverse groups?

  3. Are you transparent and fair when it comes to pay?

  4. Are you allowing employees to voice their opinion and feel heard without fear of consequence?

  5. Do we have a greater value on certain behaviours in our organisation and are we clear how they translate into everyday performance, with clear measures, so that we avoid the subjectivity gap?

At Our Tandem, we understand the importance of not only delivering a great performance experience, but assessing the employee experience within it. This means measuring leadership effectiveness, coaching capabilities and what drives an employee’s development and growth. Our platform allows you to tap into insights around what really matters to your people. This analysis then provides HR with the information they need to successfully improve the employee experience.

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