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News - 19.09.2022

Posted by adam.mcelligott

News - 19.09.2022

5 Questions to Ask When Looking to Improve Employee Engagement

5 Questions to Ask When Looking to Improve Employee Engagement

By now we all know the importance of employee engagement, for example, it can reduce staff turnover, increase productivity, develop better client relationships, and even impact company profits. However, it can be difficult to know where to start, that’s why we listed five questions to ask when setting up a first-class employee engagement strategy for your company.

  1. Are KPIs being reached?

A key indicator of employee engagement is the level of profitability of the company. Is the company hitting its revenue and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization targets and (hopefully) exceeding them? Remember, engaged employees are productive employees and that relates to profitability.

  1. Are you a trust-worthy leader?

Trust and transparency are two important traits when looking at employee engagement. A lot of companies tend to look at this through engagement surveys, but this goes together with HR leaders having trusted relationships with their employees. The data from surveys is important but for employees to truly feel comfortable giving their honest feedback, HR leaders need to be available, open to feedback and most importantly, empathetic.

  1. Are you in tune with your employees’ needs?

It’s always a good idea to be tuned in to the “vibe” of the office. Do this by setting aside some time to catch up with employees, across the hierarchy, at their workspace. Listen to what they feel and believe in to make the company a better place to work in. Implement their suggestions and then give them the credit for the benefits that arise from those suggestions.

  1. Are employees proud to engage with your social media posts?

A more modern and albeit unconventional way to gain insight into employee engagement is via social media. Employees that are actively engaged in the companies they work for are often seen resharing posts on major individual and organisational achievements on LinkedIn. Remember, when an employee wants to associate themselves with the company they work for, the way they work with it often speaks volumes.

  1. Are your employees comfortable providing feedback?

The best way to gain insight into employee engagement is to simply ask. You can conduct focus groups with employees from multiple departments to encourage open feedback. Or, to remove any anxiety around providing negative feedback, you can also carry out anonymous surveys to determine engagement levels and gather opinions. This allows employees to answer honestly without fear of retribution by management. By doing this you can also learn about what changes employees would like to see happen and implement said changes.


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