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News - 01.09.2020

Posted by Seth Keil

News - 01.09.2020

A New Toolkit for Managers

Free eBook – The Resilience Toolkit

Download your copy of The Resilience Toolkit: https://hr.ourtandem.com/resilience-toolkit

We recently hosted a series of conversations with leaders in the fields of employee experience, performance management and HR to discuss the impact of the most significant changes in work practices in over a century. We compiled the highlights, tips and tricks, frameworks and inspirational thoughts from the world’s foremost thought leaders in HR.

Aisling Teillard, Tandem CEO shared her insights on the new performance management toolkit for managers:

“One of the things that I think we we need to consider is what is the toolkit for managers will be when they return from all of this, you know, because it’s almost like we can’t go back now and pretend we didn’t see into each other’s homes and that we didn’t experience this dramatic set of events together and that we’ve all been slightly traumatized together. And we’ve lived through this new experience. So perhaps the things that we relied on in the past will not work for us in the future. And I’m thinking of those managers in particular who relied on tactics like presenteeism or micromanagement, and they’ve kind of been at sea for the past few months. You know, I was talking to HR consultant the other day and she was working with some clients and they were literally the last people to obey the government’s lockdown rules because they just didn’t want to leave the office because they didn’t know how to manage without an office you know? They were catapulted into this future of work world that they were so unfamiliar and at sea with. These sorts of people, I think they just need a new direction. They need a new toolkit, they need a new way of managing their people. You know what? You don’t have to manage them the old way anyway, and we can see now that it doesn’t work. And I suspect what’s going to happen is you’re going to see a whole new host of demands coming from employees.”

Download your copy of The Resilience Toolkit: https://hr.ourtandem.com/resilience-toolkit

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