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News - 20.08.2020

Posted by Seth Keil

News - 20.08.2020

A Much More Agile Approach to Setting Goals

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We recently hosted a series of conversations with leaders in the fields of employee experience, performance management and HR to discuss the impact of the most significant changes in work practices in over a century. We compiled the highlights, tips and tricks, frameworks and inspirational thoughts from the world’s foremost thought leaders in HR.

Aisling Teillard, Tandem CEO shared her insights on agile goals:

“Even on a wider basis, what we’re hearing a lot of is Pulse Surveys are going out regularly. So once every two weeks organisations are checking in on people – not to be an annoyance, but like very short, sharp interventions, like four to five questions on just ‘how are you doing?’. And then bringing that down to the team level, so they can see are there specific things as a team that need to happen as opposed to just the bird’s eye organizational view? Managing feedback in a much more structured way is definitely a thing because as people gear up for interim reviews, and people are kind of that little bit uncertain about where they stand, you know, putting some structure in about your feedback processes right now and giving managers recommended toolkits around that I think is really, really valuable. What you should be giving feedback on? Should you be using the normal rating scales or not? Should you engage in the normal performance practice or is it a softer check in approach? That’s a big trend that we’re seeing right now. There’s an awful lot of goal reorientation happening with people reshaping their goals and making them much more short term by nature so that the long range goals that they might have set at the beginning of the year are a little bit displaced right now. A lot of people are just kind of condensing their goals down into, okay, here’s what we’re going to focus on in the next few months. So a much more agile approach to setting goals is really is really common right now.”

Download your copy of The Resilience Toolkit: https://hr.ourtandem.com/resilience-toolkit

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