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News - 04.08.2020

Posted by Seth Keil

News - 04.08.2020

Building Trust to have Tough Conversations

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We recently hosted a series of conversations with leaders in the fields of employee experience, performance management and HR to discuss the impact of the most significant changes in work practices in over a century. We compiled the highlights, tips and tricks, frameworks and inspirational thoughts from the world’s foremost thought leaders in HR.

Kevin Empey, Managing Director of WorkMatters shared his insights about the importance of building trust:

“It’s not soft leadership, it’s empathetic leadership. It’s also leadership that’s conscious not just of people but also their growth and making sure that their growth and their development is at the heart of how they serve. But knowing they’re also there to serve the business as well. And so it’s serving not just the individual, it’s also serving the business and helping people understand their place in that and how their growth can be aligned with that. It’s this point about when they’re when they’re leading in a servant way, the person’s agenda, with this empathy in mind, builds the trust and the authenticity and the vulnerability to the point that then you can also have the tough conversation if needed.”

Download your copy of The Resilience Toolkit: https://hr.ourtandem.com/resilience-toolkit

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