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News - 27.10.2021

Posted by Aisling Teillard

News - 27.10.2021

Changing employee expectations – get to know what your employees really want from you

“It’s a new dawn, a new day” …anyone singing yet? Have these infamous lines ever been more true; they certainly are true of our newly discovered working world. With the great resignation looming, we are forced to rethink what our employees really want of us. Hybrid working may be top of the list but with that come a whole new set of expectations, that fit with our new ways of working. Should we embrace hybrid working on a longer-term basis? We also have to face a new reality that we need to change the way we manage people. So many of our practices are rooted in a time from another era. None of those more so than our performance management strategies and practices.


The new age of performance management

A lot of what we work with today in performance management is rooted in the 1980’s and 1990’s philosophy. This was a time when we all went to the office and met our (singular) boss. We also met in person for our team meetings and our after-work socialising. With a breakdown of those traditional ways, we now are more likely to meet our multiple bosses over teams or other collaboration tools. We are likely to attend the office infrequently and after-work socialising is likely to lose the spontaneity that it once held.

The importance of check-ins and conversations post-pandemic

Our new ways of working bring with it, not only a change to how we work but our expectations in how we’re managed. There’s not ‘a one size fits all’ right for every culture out there. However, getting to know your employees’ expectations is key. Surveys and focus groups may help. Yet, the true reality of what individuals want is more likely to be set in one-to-one individualised check-ins. Where employees can truly express what they need from their managers. Post pandemic the “only viable management style going forward will be ongoing coaching conversations that establish a rhythm of collaboration.” Gallup. Doing so in order to be successful in this new version of working, which can often feel like a brand new social experiment. However, we can’t hope these conversations just surface and that our managers have magically all the answers.

We need to help our managers navigate these conversations with new tools to support a very new conversation. That’s why we are seeing a rise in navigated conversations. These prompted with input from HR to help Managers pose the right set of questions, to truly understand the new expectations of their employees. Dedicated check-ins focusing on ways of working, well-being, and development in this very new unchartered waters.


The effect of the pandemic on our expectations

The pandemic has changed our expectations of life, of work and set a new purpose for many. It’s never been more vital to stay in tune with what those new expectations are. Rooted in these expectations is a more human-centric world, one where we can understand each other, relate to each other and navigate new territory together. We need to put the tools into managers’ hands so they can expertly have these conversations. Helping them understand the new expectations of their people and navigate those choppy new waters together.

In embracing new ways of working, it’s time to equally embrace the conversations that go with it. As well as the understanding of the new expectations that have emerged. This includes the means to retain the talent in your organisation. If you want to find out how Our Tandem can help you create meaningful check-ins and facilitate conversations that will help your employees express what they really want, book a chat with us. 


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