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Change Management - 05.10.2020

Posted by Seth Keil

Change Management - 05.10.2020

The Democratisation of 360 Feedback Surveys

The Democratisation of 360 Feedback Surveys

Welcome back to the Five Features to Include in Performance Management in 2021 series. This weekly series will help you transform your organisations performance management systems by focusing on a culture led employee experience. This post focuses on how your organisation can democratise 360 feedback surveys to empower the employee and derive business benefits from doing so.

Over the last couple decades, it is common to see a small percentage of employees have greater access to learning and development programmes than the rest of their organisation. The employees with access to these programmes experience great coaching, feedback, and development conversations which can accelerate their careers. If these programmes have the potential to improve individual and organisation performance, why does only a small percentage of employees get these opportunities? In short because they are an expense often looked upon as discretionary spending by executive committees and board members.

When the economy is thriving and organisations are reporting record profits, HR can sometimes get more budget to create a memorable employee experience and transform an organisation’s culture. But, in times of crisis when the economy is on the edge of a recession and businesses are faced with difficult decisions how to survive, HR is often asked to continue providing the same employee experience with less resources. However, NOW is the time  to invest in your people, care for their wellbeing and ensure a great employee experience.

Three points to consider

Your organisation can democratise surveys so that every employee has the same opportunity for their voice to be heard, to gain self-awareness, and reach their potential despite limited resources. There are several things to consider when making 360 feedback accessible to the broader organisation.

  • Your employees might be familiar with participating in a 360 as a rater but not as the subject – and it’s different.
  • Start with communicating the purpose of 360 feedback, why they are participating, and how it fits into the larger performance management system.
  • Provide training and resources to employees so they know how to select raters, interpret results, and create a development plan.

By democratising the 360 Feedback Survey you can create a culture led employee experience, inspiring your employees to reach their potential and your organisation to improve overall performance on metrics you can measure.

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