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News - 18.01.2021

Posted by Clare Bonham

News - 18.01.2021

Goal Setting, my heart fills with dread.

Goal setting

January has arrived again, and for those of us in HR the goal setting cycle begins renewed once more. It’s time to cajole, tell, demand that everyone in the business set their goals. When ‘goal setting’ is mentioned, does your heart fill with dread?

Now, of course, not everyone is reluctant about this particular process.  The CEO and Management teams are generally very clear on what needs to be done to make 2021 a successful year. But as this process feeds through our organisations, that vigour and direction is often much less, if not lost.

Why does such a chasm exist between the direction of our business and the way we set goals? And, dare we mention “the new COVID world” that has dispersed our workforces? Can we really afford for the chasm to remain?

As 2021 takes off we need to refrain from putting all our energy into the “Goal Setting” windows and deadlines for goal creation. The conversation with our people has to be, “do you understand the purpose of your work this year and how your day to day shapes the delivery of our organisational purpose and delivery?”

The approach to how we set the goals and where we set them; OKRs, SMART, Agile, FAST shouldn’t matter half so much if people see how their work contributes to the overall business purpose.

Process without purpose creates resentment and fatigue.

As 2021 kicks off we have a natural opportunity to reengage our people with purpose. It shouldn’t be a drag on your business in 2021; it’s the fuel for your growth.

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