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News - 16.06.2021

Posted by Seth Keil

News - 16.06.2021

How Our Tandem helped DCU Encourage Female Leadership Development

Women in leadership

A rich pool of diverse leadership talent is an advantage for every organisation. It is widely recognised that women face different challenges in their careers – especially when it comes to leadership.

The Leadership Development for Women (LDFW) Programme provides women with an opportunity and a network of other female leaders. The programme also allows the women to discuss these issues in a supportive yet action-oriented environment. It highlights the value of allowing themselves the time to consider their careers and development strategically. Giving them time for reflection on their career journey and leadership style is where Our Tandem comes in!

The Challenge

The LDFW plants the seeds of leadership in the minds of the women on the course. It provides them with food for thought for the future – it is the gift that keeps on giving. An integral part of the course is self-reflection and identifying what is meaningful to each woman on the course. Another part of course is the self-discovery of how they can drive their own sense of satisfaction. Dublin City University (DCU) Business School searched for a tool which has the functionality to perform 360 surveys. They conducted this with the aim of helping the participants drive honesty and confront their predisposed ideas of themselves.

The LDFW Programme partnered with Our Tandem to facilitate the participants with a platform for them to perform their self-reflections. Using the self-reflections to then encourage the women to consider their careers in the context of their lives. In turn, helping them to develop a robust foundation to carry forward into the future.

“When we were first looking into Our Tandem, it just seemed perfect. Given that we are all online now it makes it very user friendly and it is the natural accompaniment. It is efficient, professional and user friendly and makes a tricky task very efficient” – Dr Melrona Kirrane, Programme Chair and Associate Professor of Organisational Psychology

Our Tandem has the great ability to measure how its users– employees or students – align to the overall values. Key value drivers of the course being purpose and leadership capabilities. These leadership capabilities include obtaining power, motivating others, time pressures and self-knowledge.


When the students were asked about the contribution the 360-survey made towards their development and self-awareness, 86% responded the experience was positive. With 71% noting they would recommend this survey, as well as the Personal Assessment of Management and Leadership Skills (PAMS) to a friend or colleague. The results show that the Our Tandem system was beneficial to the progression of the students.

Not only were the results positive, but it enhanced the experience of the students. Almost 90% commented that the platform was easy to access and simple to nominate respondents.

All the participants thought the clarity of the briefing provided about the Personal Assessment of Management and Leadership Skills (PAMS), as well as the length, ease of use and understanding, was positive.


As the results prove, the implementation of the Our Tandem platform broadened the self-awareness of the women on the course.  With the new set of skills, they can continue to progress when in the workplace. Key to Ireland’s economic success is the optimising of the skills and talent of our people throughout all regions. Increasing the participation of women in entrepreneurship, leadership and senior management roles is a critical feature of this strategy. Our Tandem has a strong ESG agenda and is committed to transforming the working lives of women not just in Ireland, but around the world. Our Tandem looks forward to continuing the partnership with DCU in the future.


About the Course:

Drawing on the latest research from the psychology of leadership, this programme is a short, eight-day course which provides a relevant, refreshing, and contemporary approach to leadership development for women. Anchored in the organisational psychology and research-based strengths of DCU Business School along with practical experience, this programme is a unique development opportunity for women wishing to progress their careers across all sectors – Private, Public, Civil Service and Semi-state. The programme comprises 8 one day modules which run from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Click here to find out more.

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