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News - 25.08.2021

Posted by Aisling Teillard

News - 25.08.2021

How to measure employee experience in an authentic way

Employee experience
Measuring the Moments that Matter

As Gartner stated, in HR, ‘moments that matter’ are the moments that impact an employee’s organisational experience most significantly throughout their day, year, and career. Furthermore, they state that these ‘moments that matter’ allow us to learn more about what’s truly important to our people. Rather than the moments that HR and leaders think matter. To take this one step further, measuring these ‘moments’, give insight into the small but important interactions their people are having, and it enables HR to take action to improve the employee experience.

Although it is granted that the moments matter, often they are not effectively measured due to a lack of reporting and visibility. Our Tandem are passionate about investigating the meaning of all the granular interactions that happen continuously across and between users in our platform. We care about the measures that can be useful in assessing the employee experience, leadership effectiveness, coaching capabilities, and the drivers behind an employee’s growth and development within an organisation.

Formulate Strategic Business Questions

The advances in ‘People Analytics’ during the past decades have demonstrated the vast application where HR data can provide invaluable insight on HR and business decisions. There is a growing amount of literature showing that there is a lack of evidence around the impact that these interventions have on organisations.

Often, ‘People Analysts’ work is dedicated to analysis on highly operational data. This may include forecasting attendance, attrition risk assessment, and they may create global dashboards on headcount related metrics. However, what is often missing is the ability to formulate strategic questions for a business. Considering such questions gives HR the ability to present at the senior level of the organisation and promote concrete actions. Currently, the statistic showed by most HR teams in board rooms is often headcount, followed by employee engagement results.

Measuring the Moments That Matter

Strategic workforce planning tools have rapidly evolved. These allow companies to evaluate the impact of certain attributes at the individual level and their effects on performance. These tools can provide a wealth of insights. However, often the limitation is that the information sent to these tools is focused on the individual rather than on the interactions of that person in the organisation. This often leads to information that is incomplete. The information is not representative of the real-life flow of interactions between colleagues and between employees and leaders.


Key People Metric Questions that Should be Considered
  1. How can we identify good coaching practices in our organisation?
  2. What are the metrics within the platform that have a predictive impact on employee experience?
  3. What measures should we consider that have been found to be strong drivers of leadership effectiveness?

These are significant questions that must be carefully considered, to establish what the organisation is trying to achieve. The answers then allow HR to distill concepts into measurement frameworks. They also require defining how they are going to measure impact. This is a point that is often ignored by performance management platform providers, but not Our Tandem.

The Our Tandem Difference

At Our Tandem, we believe that our clients need a partner that allows them to navigate the complexity of what can be measured in performance. This partner should provide advice and recommendations as to how to approach these answers to those key questions. That is what we do and that is why we are proud to partner with our clients. Our unique partnership approach helps them connect the data points and enhances the decision-making for both HR and the overall business.

Go Beyond Engagement Surveys

Our Tandem is transforming the way organisations measure the global employee experience. Our employee experience strategic measurement frameworks help global organisations evaluate key aspects of their employee experience. They also enable them to drill down into inconsistencies and highlight key areas of focus. Creating such a framework enables our clients to start creating leading and continuous indicators of employee experience. These indicators go beyond engagement/pulse surveys. They deliver powerful insights that can proactively help address inconsistencies in the way we manage our people.


If you are interested in how Our Tandem can help you take performance measurement to another level, click here to speak to a member of our team!

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