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News - 20.04.2022

Posted by adam.mcelligott

News - 20.04.2022

“I Became Part of the Great Resignation Due to the Strong Female Leadership of Our Tandem”

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By Liz O’Hara, Product Manager, Our Tandem.

I watched in an amused mild disbelief in 2021, as I started to hear of resignations from workmates leaving Workday for new adventures. Covid had made lots of people start to reflect on their life and family situation and when I enquired about their reason for leaving, I was told it was mainly due to a change of life circumstances such as moving home; change of career direction or hobbies had become viable small businesses – the Great Resignation was in full flow!

Sure, it couldn’t be anything else, Workday was such a great place to work, I had been there myself for over 4 and half years myself and had seen the company and product grow. I worked in a great team and was always very impressed by the leadership and their commitment for employee wellbeing, especially during covid. I was compensated well and had opportunities for personal growth and development over the years, taking on many of the tough certifications across the product functional areas. I worked hard but wasn’t burnt out. Every week I received constant messages on LinkedIn for new opportunities and I ignored them all. Most of the messages I didn’t even bother to open, I just wasn’t interested. I was happy enough where I was, and I was resolute on staying.

Then, without any intentional planning, it then happened to me – I also joined the great resignation and left Workday to move to Our Tandem.  So, what changed my mind?

Firstly, when the very unexpected call came from Aisling about a new opportunity to join the team, I was curious. I had the privilege many years ago to work for the Co-founders Aisling and Clare in a previous start-up and I had seen them grow that company from less than 20 people when I joined, to over 200 people. I had also witnessed them make good on their promises to be innovative and be a market disruptor for HR Shared Services. I was impressed back then and really enjoyed being part of the technology innovation, that is still used today.

I had heard over the years that they had started a new HR Technology company; I wasn’t surprised – these founders were from a strong HR background with a strong technology vision. They are both thought leaders on talent strategy in their own rights, with an impressive following and winning many awards along the way.

During the conversations that took place with Aisling and Clare over the coming weeks, I was very impressed to hear that they had come up with a compelling disruptive product, solving many of the HR frustrations with performance and talent management that still exist today. Many of the products out there on the market have become very unified with little differentiation between the technologies and if I am honest, with very little changing in over 20 years. They themselves over the years had suffered the technology frustrations and disappointment when products had not met HR needs or gone far enough to support them with HR business issues. Yet, here they were as a relatively newish company in the market with an impressive customer base, solving HR needs using disruptive and innovative technology. This was a company set on doing things differently.  To say I was impressed is an understatement. I also loved how much they listen to their customers and supported them on their individual technology journey to be successful. This was not a company just interested in a go-live milestone, they went far beyond this.

When the offer to join them came, I jumped at the opportunity and haven’t looked back. Firstly, everyone is committed to the compelling strong vision of Our Tandem. I know everyone’s name in the company and have lots of meaningful conversations in my day, across all areas of the business from product and technology, to support and sales and marketing. Innovation and agility are very present – the ability to pivot to customer needs and solve use cases in a very short space of time is very impressive. We really are truly agile. Lastly the product itself is very different to anything out there on the market. There are features in the product that I love – something I thought I would never say for talent and performance management! Lastly, seeing and hearing the difference Our Tandem makes daily to our customer’s working lives, makes me know I have made the right decision. Aisling and Clare’s passion and vision are still as present as ever, there’s no denying that people follow strong leaders and want to be part of that team.

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