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News - 17.08.2022

Posted by adam.mcelligott

News - 17.08.2022

Implementing Continuous Performance Management – The Reality

Implementing Continuous Performance Management – The Reality

So where are we now with CPM and how has it fared?

There’s been a mixed reaction to the introduction of new performance management practices and it’s evident that the mixed outcomes reflect the mixed choices in how it was implemented. For many, bringing in continuous performance management meant an entirely new way of doing things, out with the old and in with the new. They threw out the traditional layers of ratings, calibration and even the end year meeting, in favour of continuous dialogue without the daunting imposition of the rating. While this worked for some, many neglected to inject moments of accountability into the practice, leaving it to managers to define their own practices, with loose guidance. Without clear direction, their management teams created their own practices, shadow ratings, shadow calibration practices and indeed sometimes the pure lack of conversation dominated the agenda, leading to a let-down in the whole experience for those involved.

Others tried to tie the old world and the new world together, introducing continuous performance management on top of already complex practices, effectively burdening the manager with both the old world practices with the new layered on top. This mixed bag led to confusion, a lack of clarity on what the new practices brought to the table when the old practices continued to be the dominant player, bringing it with some cynicism and a lack of belief in true change.

And then there are those who got it just right, defining the new practices and supporting managers with the skills to execute on it. Introducing technologies that ensure those practices were sustainable and measurable over time, so that they could effectively understand the true impact on the organisation. Many focused on the growth of the individual to accelerate the performance and so positioned the growth mindset at the heart of the experience.

Our learnings on the not so new practices are that they can be deeply effective when implemented well. Key features of a good implementation include supporting managers with the skills to have good coaching conversations, great technology enabling, sustaining, and measuring the experience and a fresh experience that puts people at the heart of the process. Ultimately, every organisation must define their unique approach and incorporate best practices. Tamra Chandler puts it best in her book ‘Why is performance management killing performance’ when she states:

“Every organization is unique; therefore, every organization deserves a performance management solution that supports that uniqueness. Even discrete employee segments have attributes that can differ greatly …. when you drill down to the individual level, we all know that each and every one of us is our own special snowflake. No two of us are alike, so what works well for one may not work for the other.”

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