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Change Management - 21.09.2020

Posted by Seth Keil

Change Management - 21.09.2020

The Importance of Feedback and Recognition at Work

The importance of employee Feedback and recognition at Work

Welcome back to the Five Features to Include in Performance Management in 2021 series. This weekly series will help you transform your organisations performance management systems by focusing on a culture led employee experience. This post focuses on how you can use agile goal setting during these uncertain times and the importance of employee feedback to transform your workplace culture.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced organisations to implement a structural change to where work is done, overnight. Many HR departments championed more flexible work arrangements and were met with resistance for years. While the structural change occurred overnight, the changes to how work is done continues.

Think back to the last time you received feedback or recognition from a colleague or manager. Where were you working? How was it delivered? Chances are it was in an office and face to face. Our research indicates organisations that do not have a feedback and recognition culture have seen a reduction in frequency (both giving and requesting) since the shift to working remotely. The reason why probably will not surprise you. Many employees and managers are not comfortable giving or requesting feedback and recognition. Despite this discomfort, 80% of employees want to receive feedback weekly or monthly.

When organisations started working remotely people were uncomfortable with the idea – expecting collaboration and productivity to decrease. The longer we work remotely and practice collaborating with our colleagues and accomplishing business objectives we become more skilled and comfortable in new ways of working – transforming our cultures. Becoming skilled and comfortable providing feedback and recognition is also a skill which can be developed over time the more we practice.

Here are three important benefits of including feedback and recognition in your performance management system.

Create a learning culture

Giving employees feedback and recognition can increase self-awareness about opportunities to develop and strengths they can lean into. Providing opportunities for employees to learn and recognising their effort and time spent focusing on self-improvement can be the foundation of a learning culture and shows the importance of employee feedback.

Increase happiness

A workplace where positive reinforcement and constructive feedback is embraced creates happy employees. Happy employees are productive employees. Recognising individuals and teams can boost their confidence, promote collaboration, enhance loyalty, and boost the overall morale of the organisation.

Improve employee retention

Hiring an employee is a significant investment. Once they are hired, they need training, development, and motivation to perform. A great way to show appreciation to your employees and keep them motivated is creating a rewards and recognition program.

A culture led employee experience can transform your performance management systems and inspire your employees to reach their potential and your organisation to improve overall performance on metrics you can measure.

Next week we’ll be back with: Check-in’s.

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