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News - 08.03.2021

Posted by Megan Fairclough

News - 08.03.2021

International Women’s Day. An interview with Our Tandem CEO, Aisling Teillard.

Today is International Women’s Day, a day for celebrating the achievements of women, raising awareness against bias, and taking action for equality. 

Seeing as Our Tandem is a female-founded business – founded by two working mums no less – we understand the importance of celebrating women. Co-founders Aisling Teillard and Clare Bonham are two women who are using their talents, combined with years of experience in the field of HR to bring you a performance management system with a difference. Our Tandem is an employee experience technology platform that has the ambitious goal of changing the working lives of thousands of workers worldwide. By creating cultures that inspire potential. 

In light of this year’s International Women’s Day, we sat down with the CEO of Our Tandem, Aisling Teillard to discuss her experience as a female entrepreneur.  

Over the years, Aisling’s career has presented her with many opportunities to mentor women independently and in corporate life. This has led Aisling to support women by helping them find their strengths and build up their self-confidence, enabling them to excel in their careers. Aisling knows better than anyone that believing in your own power is a big factor in the success of a business. For this reason, she is often invited to speak and encourage other women to take action with their entrepreneurial pursuits. This led to Aisling becoming a keynote speaker for Visionary Voices, an organisation focused on women and non-binary individuals who are underrepresented in conversations about tech and venture capital. 

Tackling gender inequality in tech 

It’s no secret that women in tech are largely outnumbered with 1 in 5 tech speakers being male. Aisling wanted to be a speaker in this forum to demonstrate her dedication to the cause of making tech industries a fairer place for a woman to thrive. This led to her involvement in several different forums to support other female entrepeneurs. One of those is Female Fforte, an active peer group for female founders to share advice, support each other with challenges and more importantly, celebrate their successes.  

The tech landscape is changing and it’s more apparent than ever that women deserve their seat at the table. There’s a gender representation issue in tech and now is as good a time as any to make a change. We need to aim for greater equality for the talented women out there who are taking on a highly competitive and challenging work environment. It’s time we give all of the spectacular female entrepreneurs out there the recognition they deserve. 

Here’s what Aisling had to say about her involvement in the industry… 

As a female-founded company, what are your core values, and how has that come through and changed as the company has grown? 

Our core value was the belief in the potential of people to do great things. When given the opportunity and we built that in as the core philosophy of the product from day one. That hasn’t really changed, if anything it’s just grown even stronger over time.  

What would be your main advice to another female entrepreneur? 

Don’t do it! Just kidding. I think the best advice is to surround yourself with other female entrepreneurs. It is a particular kind of journey and the female experience in start-ups is unique. So you often find other women who understand that experience and can relate. Women lift each other up and there is great camaraderie among female entrepreneurs.  

Are you part of any programmes to mentor other female entrepreneurs? 

Yes, I work with Launchbox in Trinity College Dublin and mentor a female entrepreneur. It’s great to be able to pass on advice, you realise how much you’ve learned! It’s super to see her business and capability grow over time.  

What are the female traits that you believe help you in your job role? 

I think women have great empathy. It comes naturally, and empathy is something that translates into sales, client relationships and many other aspects of managing a business.  

Who are the leaders/CEOs that inspire you? 

I admire too many to mention. But those women who are truly authentic to who they are and it’s a source of differentiation in their business are particularly inspiring. Women like Trinny Woodall, Serena Williams, and a bit closer to home Niamh Sterling, Patricia Scanlon, and Sonia Deasy are all great sources of inspiration. All smart, ambitious, capable women who are truly authentic to themselves.  

How does Our Tandem’s offering help women in the workplace? 

There’s a lot of research that demonstrates how women come out badly from traditional performance management practices. For example, women will often rate themselves more modestly than their male counterparts. This results in lower ratings for women and consequently, lower salary raises. It’s one of the issues that can fuel the gender pay gap. Our Tandem provides a new way of addressing performance management that reshapes how we manage our people. It drives an inclusive strategy that ensures everyone can rise to their personal best. It also focuses on accelerating their growth and performance.   

Throughout my career in HR, I got the opportunity to design and implement a variety of performance management solutions. I even studied performance management in a research master’s, a true performance management obsessive! So, I couldn’t be prouder that we’ve built a solution that defines the future of performance management but leaves nobody behind. I like to think of it as a bridge to help companies move from traditional performance management practices to engaging performance practices, fit for the future. 

Positive changes ahead for female entrepreneurs  

We need to make room for a new generation of female leaders but with 48% of women in STEM jobs reporting discrimination in the recruitment and hiring process, HR have a big part to play.  

Women are currently underrepresented in engineering (14%), computer (25%), and physical science (39%) occupations. This has sparked a worldwide conversation around these inequalities. There’s now more emphasis being placed on hiring and promoting women in entry-level or managerial positions.  

The Our Tandem platform has helped many women to progress in their own HR careers. With several customers being women, the platform has enabled them to build a career off the back of an Our Tandem implementation. By researching Our Tandem, these women have created a compelling business case to present to their superiors. Then, with guidance and support from Our Tandem and Aisling, they have successfully executed the introduction of the Our Tandem software to their business. Many of these women have reached out with news of promotion following the implementation. Aisling doesn’t just open doors for other founders, but she plays a fundamental role in giving her clients the chance to become innovators themselves. 

There are so many talented and hardworking women out there. And it’s vital that businesses prioritise nourishing their confidence in the workplace and in their own abilities.  

Taking the necessary steps towards success may be intimidating for women. But there are many benefits that come with being a female entrepreneur. Yes, it takes bravery, confidence, and talent to succeed but the support of the amazing female entrepreneur community is just as important. These women are making the tech industry a supportive place for female entrepreneurs to triumph and achieve their dreams. 

Our Tandem’s Commitment

Our Tandem is committed to improving the working lives of employees around the world. As a result, giving them a platform to grow, develop and contribute to their own development. And will strive to support female entrepreneurs and leaders to thrive with every opportunity. This International Women’s Day is a day to put the spotlight on women, their achievements and their pote

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