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News - 09.03.2021

Posted by Megan Fairclough

News - 09.03.2021

KBC Client Testimonial


Click here to watch the testimonial.

We spoke to Maeve McEnri, Human Resources Director at KBC Bank, an Our Tandem client. In the video, Maeve speaks about her experience with Our Tandem, the impact it has had on the business, the features and benefits they use, and more. View the video here: https://hr.ourtandem.com/kbc-client-testimonial

Here are a few highlights:

  • Why Our Tandem?

    “The reason why it was very easy for me to choose Our Tandem over competitors, was because the whole look and feel of the user experience was very much trying to copy the digital employee experience I was trying to bring in. So having both the desktop and the app was an important feature for us. Also, the fact that we could link the feedback to our values which was very important as we were undergoing a cultural transformation and generally just the ease of use and the versatility of the system was very attractive.”

  • Impact of Our Tandem

    “The impact of Our Tandem on our employee engagement has been very noticeable, very quickly. First simple one, is employees were wanting more feedback, so we made it very easy for them to give and receive it. During COVID I actually found It very useful as it was a way for us as managers to really see what kind of feedback was going around and we were able to stay somewhat connected, even in a very disconnected world. And finally, the other area is cross-functional feedback where we are really beginning to see this grow organically now, and that was very important for us so that we really embedded that collaborative working culture.”

  • Features and Benefits

    “There’s a few features we’ve really benefited from, one is the ease of use, clearly because it is very easy to give feedback, but because of that, we’ve now launched our Continuous Performance Management, using all our goal-setting, using the check-ins, all of that is now part of our ongoing Continuous Performance Management. Because employees really enjoyed the feedback feature that we first introduced, they’re really embracing the Continuous Performance Management and being able to link some of the feedback to the goals as well as being able to show their progress against the goals and it’s very visual. And the final point is managers like the coaching report, they like to be able to see what their employees are facing so they can really help them to develop and grow further.”
    “One of the features we’ve really benefited from is the ease of use of the Continuous Performance Management, so we use all the goal-setting, we use the feedback, we use the progress you are against the goals, and because employees had enjoyed the feedback feature, they’ve really embraced the Continuous Performance Management and the whole ethos around that.”

  • Biggest changes at KBC

    “Some of the biggest changes we’ve seen from using Our Tandem is we’ve made it so easy to give and receive feedback that, to be honest, nobody can hide. But, it’s meaning that people are embracing the whole idea of feedback more. And because of that, we are beginning to build the culture of continuous performance management, that it’s not just in the mid-rear view and the end-rear view – there’s less fear around it, there’s more understanding, that with the check-ins, that the organisation can really see how people are progressing and it just adds into that whole agile way of working, that you may set something at the beginning of the year, but, a COVID pandemic hits and all of a sudden some of your goals might need to change. The whole Our Tandem let’s us have that kind of agility and versatility and continuous conversation with managers and employees.”

  • What benefits do you get in HR?

    “Some of the benefits, we in HR are getting from this, is we are really bringing continuous performance management into the mainstream of people’s day today. They’re no longer seeing it as just an HR process, but they’re actually understanding how it benefits them or their teams. But another very strong role with senior leaders is the level of data analytics that we can bring to the table. I’m in banking, data is a very important part of banking and we are now able to show that the HR profession is also bringing a lot of analytics that is able to aid management in both understanding what’s going on in the organisation and applying our limited resources into the right places.”

  • How do you see using Our Tandem in the future?

    “Our Tandem is a very important part of our future. We’re relatively early on our journey so far, but it is a very important part of our future. We’re focusing a lot on leadership and management capability and we’re going to work with Our Tandem in relation to how we can use both the information we have from a data-analytics perspective in seeing how we can grow or develop certain people further. I’d like in time to look at 360s and to use some of the pulse surveys a bit more. So all of that in combo, we were very careful not to introduce too many new features too soon, because then we would have drowned the organisation. But we’ve really got the organisation to embrace Our Tandem and they’ll be very happy when we introduce more and more of the functionality.”

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