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News - 15.07.2021

Posted by Aisling Teillard

News - 15.07.2021

Meet Gillian Cregan, our new Board Member

Gillian Cregan, new menber of the board

We are delighted to introduce to you our new board member, Gillian Cregan. We are extremely excited to continue our message and vision of female leadership and empowerment. As a female-founded and led business, inclusivity, culture, and diversity is at the heart of our mission here at Our Tandem. It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with and learn from such talented women in this space.

We had the pleasure to have a chat with Gillian. We took this chance to ask her a few questions about her past experiences in roles of leadership. She also then went into detail about the cultural values of Our Tandem and what this exciting venture entails.

Tell us about your board and leadership experiences?

I have been fortunate enough to have had over 20 years of experience in Senior Leadership roles in both financial & operational positions, local and global, in the financial services and outsource solutions industries. I have served several board positions in that time in both the executive positions of CFO, COO & 3 years of CEO in a Global Insurance Risk Management Business driving shareholder value and executing strategy. It has also been an honour to be on the CPA Ireland Council and represent my qualification and fellow members where I also chair the strategy committee.


What makes Our Tandem’s mission meaningful to you?

Culture is at the heart of Our Tandem’s mission and it is the most fundamental thing we need to understand in any business before embarking on any change initiative. This shows ‘how things are done around here’. Engaging employees on the change journey with you. To really want the change and understand their importance is vital. Our Tandems bottom-up goal-setting approach allows for collaborative culture.


How will your purpose align with the company’s shared values?

My purpose aligns strongly with Our Tandem’s core value of collaboration which builds resilience and supports creating robust solutions. This helps the strongest teams survive the most challenging environments. Better engagement and collaboration with our people results in enhanced relationships with our clients and ultimately better financial results for our business. It’s a simple equation.


What personal traits do you bring to the Our Tandem board?

I am bringing a strong work ethic and determination. Above all having worked in risk management for 18 years of my career, resilience. I thrive in problem-solving and creative discussions.


What excites you about Our Tandem’?

Our Tandem’s client-centric style does not just focus on technology it is a holistic change management approach. It puts the employee at the nucleus of the business transformation. Our Tandem helps prepare businesses for a digital transparent and agile world. In that world employees set self-purpose goals that align to Environmental, Social, and Governance issues and diligently drive their business to achieve them.


We look forward to working with Gillian as a member of our board. Enabling to grow Our Tandem further so we can continue to positively impact employee experiences around the world.

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