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News - 13.08.2020

Posted by Seth Keil

News - 13.08.2020

Now is the Time for Changing Workplace Culture

Free eBook – The Resilience Toolkit

Download your copy of The Resilience Toolkit: https://hr.ourtandem.com/resilience-toolkit

We recently hosted a series of conversations with leaders in the fields of employee experience, performance management and HR to discuss the impact of the most significant changes in work practices in over a century. We compiled the highlights, tips and tricks, frameworks and inspirational thoughts from the world’s foremost thought leaders in HR.

Aisling Teillard, Tandem CEO shares her insights on the importance of shaping and changing workplace culture.

“I think HR always have a role to kind of navigate the culture and the environment by which people operate in by putting triggers in place to make those things you want to happen almost, whether there’s symbolic triggers or actual changes to processes and the way we do things. Now is the time, you have the opportunity to experiment and try new stuff. But also now is the time to kind of get brave and transformative about things, because the agenda that HR would have wanted to serve probably was always in this direction. And now you have that burning platform to allow for those new processes and support structures to enable you to do that. HR have a great opportunity to lead from the front here and transfer, redirect and transform the organization and the culture that they that they have in front of them.”

Download your copy of The Resilience Toolkit: https://hr.ourtandem.com/resilience-toolkit

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