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News - 26.02.2018

Posted by Aisling Teillard

News - 26.02.2018

Reflections on Talent Summit

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A lot of my life is spent going around HR conferences across Europe and the States and while they are always thought provoking, after too many coffees and snacks you usually leave conferences a little more tired than you came in. Not so with the talent summit, I doubt there was a person there who didn’t leave a little more energised and inspired than they arrived. A great collection of speakers, panels and even a bit of dancing in between by the gregarious Dr. Peter Lovatt left us all wanting more.

The theme of technology pervading all that we do in HR left lots of room for debate. While Stevie the Robot was a stark reminder that robots are not just coming, but already here; it reminded us to use our judgement in applying robotics, to the areas it most makes sense. A sobering reminder that big data and AI, while emerging and constructing new realities in areas like recruitment and talent, have not yet made the strides that either are capable of, in HR.

What stood out the most was the power of leadership and how we can demonstrate our leadership in multiple ways, leveraged by great technology. Many companies giving examples of how they tackled diversity, new means of recruitment and engaging their workforce by deploying simple but powerful technologies. New approaches to feedback and developing performance cultures were addressed as a clear priority for all. Interesting examples emerged of companies who’ve made bold strides in this space and created far more engaging and connected organisations.

Talent Summit proved to me that HR is ready to take its place at driving business and leadership change, through creativity, innovation and new technologies. It will be great to see the outcomes next year of the debates sparked at the talent summit of this year and it was a real privilege to be a speaker partaking in what was some of the most interesting debates and discussions I’ve seen in a long time; congrats to all involved.

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