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News - 08.08.2022

Posted by adam.mcelligott

News - 08.08.2022

Technology & Performance Management in the Wake of Covid-19

Technology & performance management in the wake of Covid-19

In a world of hybrid work, dispersed teams and a new office culture, technology can help us positively impact employee connectivity, performance and business results. Companies have had to adopt new virtual work environments, teams dominating our agenda alongside other collaborative tools. However, these tools don’t help someone develop, grow or manage their teams performance. It’s no wonder many companies have turned to ‘new generation’ CPM systems since they can help HR, managers and employees manage a dynamic way of working.

  • 90% of c-suite leaders say HR tech has helped assist business priorities.
  • 83% of HR leaders stated it enabled them to be more flexible and responsive to changing priorities.

The lack of “normal” everyday interactions means it’s more important than ever to make your approach to leading people more human centric. It’s crucial to make those more than ever needed meaningful connections with your people. That smile you got from your boss at the coffee station validated your value and appreciation, that camaraderie at the inhouse team meeting that made you feel part of something bigger than yourself.

That advice following a meeting on where you shone and where you missed the mark, all lost to a world of teams where there’s no place for feedback, coaching and individualised appreciation. We need to reconstruct these moments but in a new way that takes us into meaningful personal connections that build trust and relationships which will drive high performing teams. There is some well documented research that indicates that high performing teams have a 5:1 ratio, that mean they give each other 5 pieces of feedback for every 1 piece of constructive feedback.

In contrast low performing teams had a 3:1 ratio. Consider whether your environment is driving an environment where manager are compelled to give their individual team members 5 pieces of positive praise, so they build the trust and licence to have that more constructive development conversation. Not easy to drive, not easy to measure, until now.

If you’d like to find out more about how Our Tandem can help your company improve on its performance management practices contact sadhbh@ourtandem.com.

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