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News - 02.03.2020

Posted by Mark Flanagan

News - 02.03.2020

The Future of HR

Many thought leaders debated the future of work but not many are so quick to discuss the future of HR. There’s one voice that has been signposting the future of HR for many decades and has accurately depicted where in HR we should play next. In this short video we hear of a new perspective that embraces an outside in approach. For many years we focused on the people agenda on the basis that if we look after the people, they will take care of the customer, but is it now time to consider the customer within the HR function. What if we focused our attention on what the customer needs and worked back from there on what the people agenda should encompass. David Ulrich poses this fresh perspective which might really change the way in which we determine strategy. Furthermore, he makes the valid point that we shouldn’t restrict ourselves to the people agenda in isolation but help build the system within which the people operate. Now that really would change the manner in which we position the function, the strategy and our operations. Interesting times for HR, hear more from the man himself, Mr. David Ulrich, here in our short video.

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