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News - 06.11.2020

Posted by Aisling Teillard

News - 06.11.2020

The Future of Performance Management

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Over the past five years, Performance Management has changed and evolved with the introduction of Continuous Performance Management and the adoption of new practices. The Future of Performance Management is changing. We’ve come a long way since the 2015 Harvard Business Review articles that announced Performance Management as the most reviled practice in the organisation. Now in a transformed world of work, where’s next for performance management? As 2021 is on the horizon and we navigate the new ways of working whereby our workforce is more dispersed than ever, this is the burning question on many CHROs minds. The short answer is that the transformation needs to continue. As we guide our leaders and teams into 2021, how does Performance Management fit into the virtual world of ‘Teams’ and ‘Zoom’, and how do we make it a beneficial and comfortable experience for our people and organisations? As the employee experience takes centre stage, Heads of HR globally asked themselves the question of how to design a Performance Management practice that is engaging, fair, and fills the need for accountability? The answers to that were not straightforward and didn’t come with a universal formula applicable to every organisation. In fact, a greater variety of solutions have emerged over the past five years.

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