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News - 22.04.2021

Posted by Megan Fairclough

News - 22.04.2021

The Marriage of Performance Management and Employee Experience

Performance Management marries Employee Experience
The misconception that employee experience is separate from performance management

There is no doubt that there has been a traditional assumption that employee experience and performance management don’t form a perfect harmony. The inflection in a co-worker’s voice when mentioning that they had a performance review generally serves as its own evidence of just how frequent this perception is. That such occasions are something that are expected to be endured, to be suffered through, and to need to recover from – damaging the employee experience. This belief that employee experience and performance management are naturally at odds with each other is rarely questioned. And it is true that for as long as we can remember it had simply become culturally accepted that these two concepts lived in separate worlds and not sure they would ever have seen themselves as friends.

Performance Management is finally recognising its role in employee experience

Despite those archaic perceptions, the world has now changed. And performance management is arguably forming the biggest agenda in employee experience today. And it makes more sense to acknowledge that, performance management has always formed part of your employees’ experience, although most often it has been a poor one. When considering an employee’s experience, we instead often look at the isolated activities in HR, the pulse survey, the perks, the office environment, the social aspects, and the health and wellbeing activities. While these aspects are certainly noticed by employees and in many cases highly valued, they are still not the sum of employee experience. It is highly unliklely that employees see these things in isolation.

Employee Experience needs to be at a personal level

For our people, it all boils down to the personal level. Whether we are aware of it or not, we often ask ourselves questions to determine how valued we feel. And this is shown most powerfully and effectively through company management embodying a better and more heartfelt human-centered connection. We may ask ourselves ‘how am I treated?’ ‘how well am I managed’, ‘how frequently do I receive constructive feedback’, ‘how frequently do we speak about my career, aspirations, strengths, development gaps and ultimately my performance?’. Each of these moments are crucial to shaping the employee experience, and thus their sense of connection within the performance management process in the first place. They are no doubt the defining impact moments of the year and are more likely the ones that will truly be remembered by employees.

These moments are most memorable simply because they were what had the highest impact on their experience.

Employee experience matters in Performance Management Practices

It is hard to argue against the reality that performance management practices impact how an employee feels. So why do we try to separate the two philosophically, and in practice? And how do we really marry these two seemingly antagonistic concepts? If we are to truly consider our employees’ experience, then making every one of these moments truly count in must be a priority. Questions like “how often do I receive feedback”, “how do I learn more about myself?”, “what does my journey of self-discovery look like in showing me what my real strengths and development needs are?” are a pivotal part of the litmus tests an employee will use to assess their experience. They will be looking to a company to find the answers to those questions.

High touch impacts employee experience in performance management. Weaving high touch moments into your company’s performance management processes has the power to dramatically transform every employee’s experience. Whilst also to build collaboration, genuine engagement and drive a true sense of purpose within the company. Not only will the end goal itself become clearer, but employees will also have a greater sense of motivation. Knowing the organisation also cares about their welfare and growth. So  perhaps now is time to think about how you can make the two concepts work in tandem and see the power their marriage produces.

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