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News - 12.10.2020

Posted by Seth Keil

News - 12.10.2020

Using Data to Improve Employee and Organisation Performance

Using data to optimise performance

Welcome back to the Five Features to Include in Performance Management in 2021 series. This weekly series will help you transform your organisations performance management systems by focusing on a culture led employee experience. This post focuses on how your organisation can use data to optimise your employee and ultimately, organisational performance.

The world, and by extension, the world of work is rapidly changing. It is more important than ever to focus on the employee experience. This involves driving individual and team performance, therefore achieving or exceeding business objectives. The future is being able to show how traditional HR metrics such as time to hire, headcount, churn (voluntary vs. involuntary), diversity, learning hours, engagement, pulse, performance reviews, and 360s impact organisational metrics like Return on Assets, Earnings per Share, or Operating Margin.

There are some HR leaders and organisations who are more sophisticated with their people analytic capabilities. These understand the importance of providing employees, managers, and leaders with direct access to either the raw data or dashboards to quickly see the impact of programs and initiatives.  Employees can own their careers, manage their goals, ask for feedback, and view reports to gain self-awareness – understanding their strengths and development opportunities. Managers can become better coaches and guide their employees and teams using dashboards designed to increase performance and achieve business objectives. Your organisation can enable all of this by investing in the right technology, tool, programs, and initiatives to create a high performing employee experience.

That’s a wrap for our Five Features to Include in Performance Management in 2021 series. While the end of the year is fast approaching there is still time to take steps towards transforming your performance management systems. By placing the employee at the centre, you can create a culture led employee experience inspiring them to reach the potential they never knew they had. As you use data to optimise employee performance, you may also find that your organisation’s overall performance will improve on metrics you can actually measure.

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