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We recognise that an employee engagement tool like Our Tandem requires differing levels of change management dependent on your starting point and your unique organisational culture.

Our Tandem facilitates people through change, education, awareness and communication which are key steps to successful adoption.

The Tandem Way


The Tandem Way

We pride ourselves on taking a personalised approach to every client. We offer a unique adoption model, based on our ‘Tandem Way’ and a wide-ranging specialist intervention library which can enable a culture change in the workplace to grow with Our Tandem. All of these interventions can be customised to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

We all start somewhere in building our workplace culture to ensure our employees have a positive experience. Our Tandem's step by step approach will provide you with a clear vision of how to achieve your goals, with quick wins from day one.

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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership Thought Leadership Thought Leadership Thought Leadership Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

We continuously strive to ensure we provide thought leadership to future of work trends. As such we conduct ongoing research, our latest research shows:

  • 82% Believe that within a team, feedback can boost collaboration and productivity
  • 84% 84% believe that receiving feedback can help them build self-awareness
  • 80% Believe that self-awareness is the key to being a good leader

“The impact of Our Tandem on our employee engagement has been very noticeable, very quickly. First simple one, is employees were wanting more feedback, so we made it very easy for them to give and receive it. During COVID I actually found It very useful as it was a way for us as managers to really see what kind of feedback was going around and we were able to stay somewhat connected, even in a very disconnected world.”

Maeve MacEnri Human Resources Director, KBC Bank
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