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Shaping culture for an agile world

Shaping culture for an agile world

Continuous Feedback

Go beyond praise

With a new vision for performance management, Our Tandem delivers a toolkit to develop your people, break down barriers and deliver a rich and meaningful solution. Through crowdsourced real-time continuous feedback, regular check-ins and agile goal setting, Our Tandem accelerates the capability of your managers to coach. With pulse surveys, structured 360 feedback and insightful analytics, we can measure your entire employee experience at every touchpoint.


Employees and Managers can Give, Request, and Share personalised continuous feedback with each other in real-time.

  • Crowdsource feedback from across the organization between individuals or groups
  • See your company values come to life and share insights on everyday actions
  • 360 feedback is offered for moments of more structured feedback
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Personalized Coaching

Personalized coaching reports give employees an understanding of their personal brand.

  • Employees and managers discover strengths and developmental opportunities to choose the right path
  • Encourages a growth mindset through developing self-awareness
  • Employees and managers watch their trends grow, becoming further engaged and encouraged to take ownership of their development
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Agile goal setting enables employees to create and update goals at any time

  • Goals can be linked to feedback
  • Employees and managers can request feedback on goals
  • Goals can be shared and changed at any time
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  • Check-ins are designed to bring an engaging experience to your regular 1 to 1’s for both managers and employees.
  • Designed to track conversations, Tandem guides you to take note of actions and outcomes in an easy and friendly manner
  • Follow up on any 1 to 1 and check your history of 1 to 1’s to ensure real progress is easily captured
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Personalised Coaching
Check-Ins and Performance Check-ins
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Tandem App Integration

Client System Integration

  • Our Tandem seamlessly integrates with your core HR system
  • Outlook 365 integration available, making sharing feedback an effortless experience
  • Option to integrate with Microsoft Teams and Slack
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Personalised Coaching


Real-time Feedback

Change Management


Accelerate Feedback Culture

We believe that feedback is key to unlocking potential through building self-awareness and building a community of coaches. Check out this short video highlighting Tandem’s ability to build and measure your feedback culture.

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